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Psssst. Hello, beautiful person. Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to your ten favourite followers. <3

oh god are you asking this question on my google maps blog or the other one it’ll be weird if its the google maps blog

1) One time i entered a contest for some action figures or something that i saw while watching saturday morning animes when i was a kid and i got an email back saying i won but i couldnt claim my prize cause im not american it was bullshit

2) I been poor as fuck my whole life, like i can’t even relate to the middle class, they’re still rich to me.. it’s a pretty important part of who i am and shapes my values, politics and everything

3) I been vegan since like 2011? Idk I think so, sometimes when I get really poor I buy some cheap non-vegan stuff like kraft dinner but I’m rly sympathetic to animal rights causes + i lose respect for people who try to justify it by saying that the animals were put on the earth to be food, or it’s natural or shit like that (there are some valid arguments against veganism tho)

4) lil b liked one of my comments on facebook once it was the highlight of my life

5) i make all sorts of art and its not very good but i still do it. i have 2 musical projects, one is a collaboration w my friend leo from russia and it’s actually real music and the other is just next level noise. i’ve tried my hand at making beats too but it’s not really publicly available on the internet. also made two silly books, one here (requires issuu account, probably not worth signing up for it lol) and another here. also i’ve taken some pictures and videos but they’re not that artistic, idk, if u know me you should know my youtube+instagram already anyway

im not gonna send this to other ppl unless they ask

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a landscape in Diqing,_Yunnan,_China judging by the filename